Sicve Società Italiana di Chirurgia Vascolare ed Endovascolare

SICVE was founded in Rome on January 24th, 1997 by six Founding Members: Fabrizio Benedetti-Valentini, Giovanni Brotzu, Giancarlo Bracale, Alberto Marcialis, Carlo Spartera e Massimo D’Addato. The first SICVE Congress took place in Rome from the 21th to the 22th November 1998.

SICVE promotes studies, reasearches and supports congressual activities. There are important exchanges with international Scientific Societies: the European Society (ESVS), the American Society (SVS), the French Society (SCVE), the Spanish Society (SEACV) and with several Italian Scientific Societies.

SICVE has its own Registry with surgical care activities (14.221 patients in 2016) of its affiliated centres (75 in 2015). This Registry can be seen on the website and it aims is ink all the italian vascular and endovascular centres.

The National Congress is organized once a year and it is the main italian meeting to discuss the state of the art of surgical treatment for vascular diseases. More than 1100 Doctors attended the last editions, comparing researches, studies and case reports. Our aim is to assess the best up to date care for vascular patients.

There also are important collaborations with Institutions (Ministry of Healthcare, Federation of Scientific Medical Societies, AGENAS, Regions) and with Patients Associations (Federanziani, Cittadinanza Attiva, Alice, Marfan).

SICVE is on Internet with its official website It has an own Blog and it’s also present on Facebook and Twitter.

Since 2010 SICVE launched several national and international initiatives to promote the relevance of the Italian Vascular and Endovascular Surgery. We are proud of the official partecipation of the Society to the main international events as Charing Cross in London, Veith Symposium in New York, CICE in Brasil. The National Congress is characterized by the presence of several International Societies (ESVS, ISVS, SCVE, SEACV,
Vascular Society of Southern Africa) and National ones (ISO, SIAPAV, SIAARTI, CIF, SISAV).

The President

Year 1999-2000 F. Benedetti Valentini
Year 2001-2002 G. Coppi
Year 2003-2004 G.R. Pistolese
Year 2005-2006 D. Palombo
Year 2007-2008 G. Bracale
Year 2009-2010 M.Puttini
Year 2011-2012 C. Setacci
Year 2013-2014 F. Peinetti
Year 2015 R.Chiesa
Year 2016 N. Mangialardi
Year 2017 A. Stella
Year 2018 F. Nessi
Year 2019 C. Pratesi
Year 2020 S. Camparini

The Secretaries

C. Setacci
C. Pratesi
R. Pacchioni
B. Gossetti
F .Peinetti
A. Argenteri
V. Dorrucci
P. Castelli
P. Castelli
G. Lanza
G. Lanza
G. Lanza
A. Jannello

SICVE Guidelines were published recently in 2015-16 in collaboration with other Scientific Societies such as ISO – Italian Stroke Organization , Italian Society of Vascular Pathology, SIAARTI – Italian Society of Anesthesiologists , SISAV – Italian Society for Vascular Malformations, SIRM – Italian Society of Radiology

SICVE has an official Journal: The Italian Journal of  Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, edited by Minerva Medica.

At the moment, there are more than 1000 italian vascular and endovascular Surgeons sharing SICVE partnership.

SICVE is on Internet with its official website It has an own Blog and it’s also present on Facebook and Twitter.

Every year SICVE funds scolarships for young Members to support a training period in foreign centers.